CHASSEUR is a complete range of enamelled cast iron cookware that has been manufactured since 1924 in France by INVICTA, in the town of Donchery, Ardennes, a region that is world famous for its wines and its sophisticated cuisine.

CHASSEUR enamel cookware is suitable for grilled, cooked food, fried food or just for the warm up of ready-made meals.

Smelted cast iron is famous for its unique properties as:

evenly distributes heat, with proven energy savings.
it is compatible with all kitchen hobs and gives excellent results when used in induction hobs.
always retains its shape and is easy to maintain in excellent condition.

Choosing a cast iron pot or pan CHASSEUR, also means choosing the safest cooking method. The inner enamel surface ensures the highest standards of hygiene.


Prior to first use of the utensil, remove all stickers and adhesive residues and clean the utensil with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Cooking Method:

The CHASSEUR cooking utensil is suitable for all types of cooking appliances: traditional wood-burning and charcoal kitchens, typical electric ovens or ovens and gas hobs or the most modern innovations, including glass ceramic hobs technology and induction outbreaks.
All CHASSEUR cast iron products can be used in the oven except those with wooden handles. Bakelite handles that decorate our pots can withstand temperatures up to 250 ° C. Metal handles do not fall under such restrictions, although their color is likely to change when exposed to very high temperatures.
Follow some very simple rules to ensure the best performance of your utensils and to lengthen their service life:

Make sure that the flame size of the heater matches the width of the pot. This helps to prevent heat build-up in only a small area of the pot.
Increase the heat of the cooking container gradually enough to ensure optimal heat dissipation and avoid the possibility of thermal shock.

To get the best performance, avoid the strong flame. Cook on moderate heat, if you have slightly spread the pot with fat, using absorbent paper.

In the induction hearths, NEVER USE THE FUNCTION OPERATION AND NEVER APPLY THE MAXIMUM POWER, especially in large utensils, such as baking utensils and crepes. Start with the minimum heat and then increase it gradually, never reaching the maximum heat. This will help prevent the destruction of both the iron and the enamel of your cooking utensils.

In kitchens with glass hobs, carefully handle the cookware. Always prefer to lift them rather than let them slide on the surface of the device.
Avoid drops and knocks, especially at the edges of cooking appliances, to avoid small breaks and keep them in excellent condition.
Do not use metal spoons or other metal utensils. Do not cut food into the pot, pan or any other cooking utensil as this may damage the enamel.

For your personal safety and that of your children:

Never leave your hot cookware unattended. Keep them out of the reach of children and always place the utensil with its handles on the wall so that children can not catch them.
Always use oven gloves or heat-resistant gloves before touching the hot pan handles, the metal handle of the pan, the handle on the lid of the pot, etc.
When cooking, keep the lid of the cookware closed, to avoid the risk of splashing and burns.
Do not place your hot cookware directly on the table. Use flat top and place it on top.
Smelted cast iron is the ideal material for cooking low heat.

Make sure there are abundant liquids during cooking and use low flame to ensure long cooking.

After simmering on moderate heat, the steam from the water that evaporates from the simmering food condenses as it contacts the less hot lid and creates droplets.

The pattern of regular grooves at the bottom of the CHASSEUR lid covers these droplets on the food you are preparing.

This creates a steam cycle that releases you from having to keep an eye on the cooking of the food you prepare and ensures the preparation of a delicious and tender food.

After allowing your CHASSEUR cooker to cool completely, put it in the refrigerator. Then, the next day, you can reheat it to a low heat, and your food will be even better!

Cleaning tips:

It is a good idea to soak your saucepans and pans in hot water with dishwasher so as to peel any food residue.
Avoid using sponges and cleaning products with a rough surface. They are likely to engrave the enamel.
We advise you to avoid frequent placement of enamel cookware in a dishwasher. These devices use specific cleaning products that are likely to wear out and destroy enamel. Avoid using the dishwasher with wooden handles completely.
The tradition of using cast-iron cookware is located many years before, even before the use of enamel. At that time, housewives protected their cookware from the rust, melting them with cooking fat. This was called a patina renewal of cast iron.

Today, all our products have double enamel overlay coating. We advise you to allow your cookware to dry completely before storing them. If, however, rust appears on a small surface of the utensil - which is not dangerous - rub those points with a little cooking fat.

Whatever your cooking style, traditional or original, you will appreciate every day more and more the characteristics of your CHASSEUR cooking utensils with every use.


INVICTA offers a lifetime commercial guarantee for all types of constructional or quality defects of all CHASSEUR enamel cast iron cookwares, except for the utensils, provided that these utensils have been conscientiously used under normal conditions of use and storage and according to with the instructions for use and cleaning that are highlighted above.

The commercial guarantee covers compensation in either of the following forms, as the company INVICTA deems right: either by replacing part or the whole of the product, or by reimbursing part or all of the cost of the product, less the dealer's / retailer's profit margin . If the product to be sent for exchange has a color that is no longer produced, a product of another color will be shipped.

INVICTA can not be held responsible for consequential damages or interests of any nature.

The commercial guarantee does not cover, in particular, any of the following:

the normal wear and tear of the product, for example, the change in the appearance (color, shine) of the enamel.
the effects of inappropriate or incorrect use of the product, such as high temperature cooking, peeling caused by knocks or excessive temperature, frequent washing of dishes in a dishwasher or with rough washing products,
the consequences of poor maintenance or lack of product maintenance, accident, negligence, such as poor product management and, in general, failure to follow the product usage and cleaning tips.
all indirect damages and defects for which INVICTA is not responsible
INVICTA is automatically released from any liability to pay the warranty if the product has been modified in any way.

The commercial guarantee does not apply to products used professionally.

The commercial guarantee is valid in all countries and regions where the products are marketable.

For all claims and complaints, please contact the retailer of the product. In order to process claims, proof of purchase of the product (invoice, detailed retail receipt, etc.) and photographs of the product is required.

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